Our Tapestry Poem

Our Tapestry

by Amy Wohl


We’re all sewn into the tapestry

where we’re supposed to be;

with intricate detail and shadows and light

the order is clear to see.


But, behind the creation of color and silk

are the loose ends that have no place;

we don’t see where they’re going

and order floats loosely around in space.


These knotted, straggly, unfinished ends

each have a life of their own;

sometimes they make the world of sense

and some are hidden, unknown.


We’re just humans here on earth

only Hashem knows what to look for, what to find;

we see the “Big Picture” from merely one side

but He sees it, too, from behind.


So, when the tangled strings of our lives start to twist,

we scream, “Hashem can this be true?”

but He is the one who is pulling those strings

and one day, be’ezras Hashem soon, we’ll know, too.


We’ve lost a child; the mind can’t grasp it.

Isn’t this too much to bear?

Yes it is, but with Hashem’s love and people like you

there’s a virtual healing hug in the air.


One day we’ll see our children again;

until then, this much is true:

If we see both sides of the Tapestry

we can help each other get through.


This poem was published in Our Tapestry Issue #1. All rights reserved.

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