Stronger together.

Two moms bound by fate.

They support each other and then set out to pass it forward.

Miriam Greenfeld and Chana Devorah Goldberg.
Two women thrown together by circumstance. Two warriors, watching their children fight for their lives. One, the mom of a 16 year old boy. The other of a 16 month old baby girl.
Both trying to survive, to cope in the madness.
Leaning on each other. For support. For direction. For guidance. Navigating the maze of illness.
And then the unthinkable happens.
Both Miriam and Chana Devorah lose their precious gems, their children. On the same day, a mere 10 hours apart, both of them tumble headfirst into mourning.
Their journey together doesn’t come to an end, though.
It merely begins. A two decade age gap does nothing to weaken the bond they forge. A bond of two moms trying to make sense of a child’s death.
They turn to each other for support.
They share the emotions. The struggles. The pain. And the victories. They both have an anchor. Someone that understands. Someone that knows and cares.
It makes the challenge so much easier to endure.
A question. A rough patch. An insensitive remark. They work everything through together. They become soul sisters. They draw endless reservoirs of strength from one another.
And then they come to a pivotal and selfless conclusion.
They see what the shared burden has done for them. They realized how it lightened the load. And they want other bereaved moms to have that privilege too. And so, Our Tapestry is born.
Together we are stronger.

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