Purim Reflections Poem

  Purim Reflections By Sara Pollack   [1]ואנכי הסתר אסתיר את פני As the klaf of the megilla is slowly unrolled, The tragedies of the story begin to unfold. Esther […]

Day By Day Poem by GSW

Day By Day by GSW   You may have an inspirational tale You may want to take me to town You may want to help me your way When I’m […]

My Greatest Fear

My Greatest Fear by ND Efrat Keller   You’re far but near, Like gossamer, but clear Evoking whispered smiles, but endless tears; These paradoxes, a pain I bear.   You, […]

Our Tapestry Poem

Our Tapestry by Amy Wohl   We’re all sewn into the tapestry where we’re supposed to be; with intricate detail and shadows and light the order is clear to see. […]