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The magazine plays a huge role in his healing.

As soon as the magazine arrives, my husband devours it from cover to cover. He reads it again and again and repeats it at the Shabbos table. He lives for the next installment. His pain can be so raw at times and the magazine plays a huge role in his healing process. Men have a hard time opening up to others. For us women, it’s sometimes easier to talk and share. So to have this magazine as his anchor means the world to us.
Wife Of Rabbi Israel J
A Comforted Father

They took my broken pieces and made them whole again.

I remember walking home from the hospital thinking to myself: That’s it, I’m all alone now. There’s nobody in the world that will understand me. I have nobody to talk to. Nobody knows the horror, nobody can fathom my grief. I was just so alone in my pain. Then came Our Tapestry and took my broken pieces and made them whole again. So much support. So much love. The once a month speakers were a balm for my soul. It gave me sense of normalcy. That I was not an outcast, I was not cursed. The magazine in particular made me feel so safe, so validated. It became my lifeline. These days, the WhatsApp group amazes to no end. No matter the time of day, the time zone you’re in or who you are, you can always reach out to someone who gets it. This resource is a lifesaver.
Zissy Muller
A Grateful Mom

For so many women, Our Tapestry is that someone.

For a mother thrown into grief over the loss of a child, r"l, the feelings of isolation can be overwhelming. Even those blessed with supportive families and communities often feel so alone, Yet sometimes just knowing there's someone out there who "gets it" is all it takes for that mother to dig deep and find the reservoirs of strength she needs to face her situation. For so many women Our Tapestry is that someone. Whether it's on the pages of the magazine or in the texts of a whatsapp, that mother knows that in Our Tapestry she will find sisters in grief who are right there to hold her up, ready to listen, to offer a "virtual shoulder" , to share experiences, to cheer her every victory no matter how small, without judgment ever. Born out of the shared pain of two mothers, Our Tapestry has grown to touch countless lives and warm untold numbers of broken hearts and help them on the path to healing.
Vivi Deren
An Inspired Mother

My husband lost his brother and we saw what it did for him.

Going through a tragedy takes so much out of a person as is, there’s no reason to go at it alone. Having a support system regardless of your age, location or affiliation is huge. The chizuk and strength spills over to the entire family. My husband lost his brother and we saw what Our Tapestry did for him. We want others to have it, too. That is why we support Our Tapestry.
Yitty Greenfeld
An Inspired Donor

I can’t help but offer my support.

When I see two amazing Moms take a challenge and build upon it to be there for others, I can’t help but offer my support. I’m not even in the category they service, yet I read every magazine they publish and it gives me so much koach. I cannot even imagine what it does for those going through a loss. I wish there wouldn’t be a need but until that happens, I’m a proud supporter.
Devory Scharf
A Committed Donor

There was no shiva for me, but I also had pain to process.

Watching my daughter lose a daughter was a crippling experience. There was no shiva for me but I also had pain to process. My daughter was a mess and we were all frozen. The death was sudden and there was nothing I could do to protect her. Through the grapevine, I found Our Tapestry. That’s when things began looking up for my daughter and even myself. When there is a community that uplifts you in so many ways, it’s a tremendous chizuk. Every page in that magazine gives my daughter reservoirs of energy. We have our own little Grandmothers group where we hash it all out. It helps me tremendously with my emotions. Our Tapestry gave us both hope.
Sara Ovitsh
A Consoled Bubby

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