There is life after loss

Support for bereaved parents
and their families.

How can the world continue?

The pain of losing a child is not something that words can capture. It defies description.

It’s like yanking a limb out by sheer force.

Now multiply that pain by a million.

And although life for the parents will never be the same, it must go on.

Succumbing to the anguish of the loss might seem like the only way to go, but there is a life to be lived.

Our Tapestry will show you how.

Bridge to support
Lonely swing

The loneliness is crushing.

It seems as if nobody understands. All you want to do is pull the covers firmly over your head and never lift them up again.

The loneliness washes over you again and again. It threatens to drown you in its intensity.

You don’t have to suffer alone. There are others who have walked this path before you and want to hold your hand as you take delicate steps toward healing.

Our Tapestry will lead the way.

When the fog lifts.

Healing cannot be forced. But when you’re ready to emerge from the bubble of pain, we will be waiting with open arms.

Ready to embrace you, to support you and just…to listen.

There’s an entire community that wants to be there for you. To take the edge away and help you make the transition back into the world of living.

Our Tapestry will be there.

Foggy mountains
Lonely but rosy Bench

Surrounded by love.

Time heals. And so does a rock solid support system. More than anything, you need a shoulder to lean on. You need validation. You need to know that as abnormal as it all is, it’s normal to feel that way.

To laugh together. Cry together. And mourn together.

There are moms just like you. With broken hearts and shattered dreams.

But together, they are stronger.

Our Tapestry, a circle of support.

Together we are stronger.

Every donation makes a difference.