Purim Reflections Poem


Purim Reflections

By Sara Pollack


[1]ואנכי הסתר אסתיר את פני

As the klaf of the megilla is slowly unrolled,

The tragedies of the story begin to unfold.

Esther is taken from her family, her people, her home,

Living among the enemy, isolated and alone.


[2]קלי קלי למה for what purpose is my pain?

For long years alone in the palace she does remain.

[3]אקרא יומם ולא יענה – no yeshua in sight,

With only tefila as company through the dark, lonely night.

No clarity seems to emerge despite all her tears,

Still her emunah sustains her through the danger and the fears.


Yet through all that time, Hashem was preparing a glorious salvation,

And Esther was chosen for the role of saving her nation.

Suddenly everyone understood the purpose of all those years,

There was reward for the suffering, the pain and the tears.


May we too, soon, merit the day when His face He will unveil,

And we will see the meaning of Am Yisroel’s long history of travail,

From all our suffering through galus, we will see what we did gain,

[4]שמחנו כימות עיניתנו – our reward will be commensurate to the pain.

Of the lessons of the Purim story, let us not lose sight,

For it is only emunah which can sustain us through the long galus night.

תשועתם היית לנצח ותקותם בכל דור ודור[5]



[1] And I hid My face

[2] Oh my G-d, why?

[3] I call out daily and there is no reply

[4] Our happiness will be commensurate to our suffering

[5] Your salvation will be everlasting and the hope will last from generation to generation

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