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Tzirel Goldberg’s 15th Yahrzeit

09/22/2021 - 09/23/2021

17 Tishrei is the 15th yahrzeit of Chaya Tzirel a”h bas yiblcht”a Yechiel Meir Yehuda, daughter of Yechiel and Chana Devorah Goldberg.

Tzirel was 16 months old when she passed away from a rare kidney tumor. She was a happy baby who loved to hear music and made everyone around her smile.

Her family started a jewelry gemach in her memory in Crown Heights called Chaya Tzirel’s Jewels.




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  1. Tzirel a”h was like SUNSHINE! 🌞ALWAYS a huge smile on her face! The few times i spent time with her in the hospital, i got very attached to her. I miss her alot !!

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