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Suri Kaufman-Phillips’ 4th Yarzeit


Tuesday, 28 Cheshvan, is the 4th yarzeit of Suri Kaufman Phillips a”h, treasured daughter of Debbie and Yitzchok Kaufman.


Please do a mitzvah or say a kapitel tehillim for the zechus of Sara Raizel a”h bas Yitzchok.


Suri Kaufman -Phillips was the quintessential “everything” Daughter, sister, granddaughter and friend. But the one “purpose” that was the most precious to her was being a mother. Her 5 girls were her crowning jewels. She loved them fiercely and without hesitation.

She brought joy and comfort to all. Her acts of chessed were numerous and always done “under the radar”. Her humility never had her seeking thanks or credit. Her kibbud Av v’eim was impeccable. She was her mother’s best friend – always shopping, talking, singing together. They were inseparable.

Suri a.h. possessed an unwavering level of emunah and bitachon in Hakadosh Baruch Hu, humility, aversion to any loshon horah, unconditional devotion to family, loyalty and gift of friendship. Her friends sought her wisdom and steadfast love and support. She lent a perceptive ear and a loving shoulder to everyone. She wrote them letters of chizuk. She davened for them. She laughed with them and cried with them. When all else failed: she sang!!! Music was the language of her soul. When she sang – her sweet melodious voice transcended the heavens.

She had a beautiful smile. A smile that reached her eyes and reflected a warmth and love that emanated from the depths of her soul– entered your heart and enveloped you with a feeling of love and protection.

She is sorely missed and the world is just a bit darker without her. May her neshomo have an Aliyah and bask in the warmth of a lichtigen Gan Eden.



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15 Responses

  1. May Hashem comfort you- the pain is unrelenting, and yet we go on.
    May the neshama of Suri bas Yitzchak and Devorah have an aliyah
    And be instrumental in bringing Moshiach don l’matah now!

  2. May her Neshomah have an Aliyah Ibwill sat Tehillim for her.May Hash-m grant you all peace. Sending endless love

  3. חתמתי היום על עצומה לפטר את נתן זהבי.שורי היתה אישה דתית לאומית ששמרה את מצוות הקבה והיתה גאה להעביר את המסורת היהודית לילדיה.

  4. Debbie, I feel like I have come to know Suri through your many posts on her incredible virtues, joy, and love for her children — a love which I know you share. Enjoy the closeness of having her near you today ad may that bring endless Nechama.

  5. What a holy neshoma is your Suri, A”H. Thank you for sharing a bit of her with us. The impact of love and loss is rippling and our world list a force of good. She is certainly making arrangements on high and working to bring Moshiach down… May we be reunited with our lived ones Now!

  6. Our Tapestry Tehillim group is saying Tehillim for Sara Reizels Neshama. May she have an Aliya’s Neshama& May she be a מליצה ישרה for her whole family& all of Klal Yisroel !

  7. May her holy neshama have the highest aliyah and may Suri together with all our special children storm the heavens to bring Moshiach…..may it be NOW!!
    Although the pain never subsides and the void, heartache, loneliness is always there keep your daughter close to your heart and soul.
    It won’t be too much longer until we are all reunited with our precious children IYH!!

  8. oy my heart goes out to you
    there are no words..
    I just pray that hashem should give you a measure of comfort
    her Neshama should have an aliyah
    and we should all be reunited with our loved ones immediately!

  9. יהי זכרה ברוך . אני מתגעגעת לבת דודתי היקרה שחגגה תמיד איתי את אותו תאריך יום הולדת . אני זוכרת את הצחוק המתגלגל שלה
    ואהבת ישראל שהיתה בליבה. בע”ה אתרום היום צדקה לעילוי נשמתה

  10. Thank you to all those who posted. Your supportive and comforting words are the salve that we need for our open wounds on Suri’s a. h. Yahrzeit. One our children said last night when we met over a zoom session: “we really don’t need a Yahrzeit- every day is a day of remembrance for our sister. “ That warmed my heart. Ty again and May Moshiach come speedily, eradicate our pain and we can all be reunited with those who have physically left us. I love u sll 💜

  11. We miss her soo much. Our heart goes out to you guys. She’s looking down and watching over all of us. And we hope that your life only has Simcha and nachas in zechus for her neshama.

    Only Simchas
    Love you

    1. She is surely watching over you all. Especially your Sarah שתח״י who u so generously named for her. Thank you for your beautiful brachos
      I love you guys
      Tante Debbie

  12. Suri, you look so sweet and kind!! Your neshama should have an aliya!! May moshiach come very soon!!
    We will all be united with our children!

    1. Dearest Chava, שתח״י
      Ty so much for reaching out. She was sweet, kind and loving.
      I echo your wishes for the ultimate geulah.
      In the meantime, we are all here walking beside each other so that none of us falls. 💜

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