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Moishy Sternberg’s 3rd Yarzeit


Friday, 16 Nissan, the second day of Pesach, is the 3rd yarzeit of Moishy Sternberg a”h, beloved son of Shaindy Jacobowitz.

Please do a mitzvah for the zechus of Yehosef Moshe Shmuel a”h ben Yerachmiel Nochum Halevi.

Moishy was always bsimcha, always greeted people with a smile, and he never hurt anyone.

When he heard that someone needed something, like a refuah or if his niece or nephew had a test, he would tell his friends that he wants to daven and would lead them in saying tehillim. His favorite kapital was 120.




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  1. He looks like such a gutte neshama!
    may we all be united with our loved ones with the upcoming redemption immediately!

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