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Meshulem Jungreis’ 3rd Yarzeit


3 Cheshvan is the third yarzeit of Meshulem a”h ben Yisroel Halevi, beloved son of Rivki and Yisroel Jungreis.

Please do a mitzvah in his zechus.


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6 Responses

  1. Dearest Rifky… my heart and prayers are with you today on Meshulems Yahrzeit … may Hashem bring you and your family comfort and menuchas hanefesh … may all the actions you do in his memory elevate his neshama … embrace the love of family and friends that surround you !

  2. how difficult if not impossible to find the good in the searing pain of the loss of a child
    but being in a similar situation I have found bits of comfort here and there
    one of them is the follows
    whereas with my living children I have anxiety wondering if or knowing they have stayed from the righteous path with my late son I am comforted in knowing that he is delighting in the light of hashem and the rest of the holy beings and I am glad for him

  3. Hi, I was touched by your initiative. We did a similar 51 day project for our son who lived 51 days. I took on to light candles earlier in honor of Meshulem and put his name by my leichter. It transformed my erev shbbs to not rush into shkiyah. In recent weeks with all the chagim and shbbs getting earlier and earlier in Israel, I have been slipping back so I plan to renew my efforts for him. I will also say his name in Tehillim now.

  4. My family and I are so blessed that we lived attached to u for soo many beautiful summers.. we loved hearing meshulum play his guitar and our amazing conversations on your porch.. my kids always felt a part of your family and meshulum welcomed them in totally with his sweet beautiful smile and kind words.. true hesed and hachnosos ohrchim… we love u all!!

  5. Dear Rivky,
    Thinking of you on Meshulum’s yahrtzeit. May Hashem send you all the ultimate nechama, as only He is capable of, and may all the kabalos and mitzvos being done for him bring Meshulum z”l tremendous aliyas neshama!

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