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Meir Greenfeld’s 16th Yarzeit


Tuesday, 16 Tishrei is the 16th yahrzeit of Meir a”h ben R’ Mordechai n”y, son of Mordechai and Miriam R. Greenfeld.


Known for his happy disposition and sterling middos, Meir was nicknamed ‘lechtig yingel’, and ,כשמו כן הוא, he radiated shining simcha. He left a huge void but will never be forgotten.




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18 Responses

  1. Very sorry for your loss. Thanks for all that you do to support everyone. Chag sukkes sameach.

  2. Miriam, feeling your immense pain, the deep pain of a mother who lost a beloved child.

    May Hashem answer all our prayers and finally send Moshiach speedily where we are all reunited with our dear departed children.

    May we all experience the ultimate redemption where there will be no more pain, no more sorrow and no more heartache.

    My heart is shattered together with yours!!

  3. May your sons nashama have an aliah. May we all be reunited very soon with the coming of mosiach

  4. Miriam dear,
    Should we talk about all your doings for the klal? Nopes. Its (almost) all out there. I’ll rather remind the audience what a son and bochur Meir Z”L was:
    He was the kind of boy that always had the needy in mind. He didn’t matter: he was selfless (like his mom.) His sharp mind was extraordinary. His learning far exceeded a boy his age. His respect to strangers and family was exemplary. He was a walking true kidush hashem. He always had his trademark smile plastered on his heiliga face despite his suffering.
    Miriam, Meir up there is peeking down at mommy and is oh so proud! He knows all the “thingies” that you do for bereaved moms all around the world and then they comsider themselves your very best friends. (I’m one of them)
    Miriam: you can run but you can’t hide. He knows it all.
    No doubt that his elevated status is something only big Tzadikim are זוכה to be נהנה from.
    May the neshama of your dear son, Mayer a”h Ben R’ Mordche have an עליה and bring the ultimate ישועה.

  5. Wishing the mishpacha and really, all who knew him Nechama and koach.
    May the happy memories be a source of chizuk as you welcome Yom Tov.

  6. I’m feeling so much blessing learning about your gorgeous boy. Sending you and your family so much Nechama and bracha. May your sweet Meir continue to shine his bright Neshama down on you.

  7. His face radiates Simchas Hachaim and Kedusha. His neshama is climbing higher and higher in the zechus of what you do, Miriam, because of him. None of us would be getting the chizuk that you are giving so many bereaved and now connected mothers. In addition to one or two ; ) other things you do. May his neshama continue to rise closer and closer to כסא הכבוד until it is returned in a way that you can feel his arms hugging you tightly.
    Much love and gratitude, Joyce

  8. Dearest Miriam,

    Whatever can I write to covey my feelings and words upon seeing the picture of such a lechtige son z”l. I unfortunately did not know him, but his photo speaks a trillion words.
    The name Meir means to illuminate, light, shine, brighten, lighten, enlighten, and shed light. I am sure that that is what he did all the short years that he was in עולם הזה, to you, your family and all who knew him.
    It has not ended, because by virtue of his special sparkle, he left a special legacy in This World – Our Tapestry.

    In my humble opinion there is only one thing that I can do thank you Miriam for all you have done for me and the grieving families of Klal Yisroel.
    I will sit down and say Tehillim l’iluy nishmas Meir z”l ben Reb Mordechai. May you be reunited soon with the coming of Moshiach Tzidkeinu.

  9. Meir’sneshama should have an Aliya. Wishing you and your families ky the ultimate comfort with the coming of moshiach. Thank you for all you do for tapestry in memory of Meir

  10. What a truly lechtig yingel Meir is. And you, dear Miriam, are continuing his mission each day. I know he is so proud of the nechama you bring everyone. May the zechusim of your holy work give him a lechtige gan eden and May he be a gute better for you and your family and all klal Yisroel for Hashem to bring Moshiach Now!!

  11. Miriam, I never knew Meir but I feel as though we all knew him! His pure face on this beautiful photo says it all. A heilig kind! The 2nd day of sukkos is when mothers should proudly say that it’s their childs ushpeezen rather than yurtzeit! But how proud you must be to be his mom! May Hashem comfort you and your family and may the day soon come that you reunite with your precious son with the coming of Moshiach. Thank you for all that you do and for all that you are.

  12. Dearest Miriam,
    Trying to find the right words to express my feelings and I’m having a hard time. We are not meant to understand Hashem’s ways. It’s an honor knowing you and having a special friend like you. The support you continuously give to all of us is very comforting. May Meir’s Neshama have an Aliyah and May we all be reunited Bekorov with the coming of Moshiach.

  13. Dearest Miriam,
    I’m trying to find words to comfort you and I’m having a hard time. We are not meant to understand Hashem’s ways. I feel honored knowing you, you took your challenge and strengthen others who are in a similar situation. May Meir’s Neshama have an Aliya and May we Bekorov be reunited with our loved ones with the coming of Moshiach.

  14. מרים היקרה ,

    I have taken today, despite the simchas Chag, to be a little more reflective and home based today, for you and Chana Devorah, given the yahrtzeits now. As so many have said, Meir lived up to his name to illuminate the life around him during his years. However, YOU were מכוון to one of his additional תפקידים when you gave him his name, that so many repeated in davening for him: מאיר , the son of you, מרים. The name מרים means to take anything that might be ‘bitter’ – the ‘bitter waters’ – and to make them sweet. Together, you and Meir *illuminated and lit up* the bitter waters that people might be going through, and you have *made them sweet.* מאיר +מרים. To perfection, I might add. And I will take it one more level: you are taking those people who are feeling the most bitter waters of גלות and rallying them so that we may lead the charge and be part of the נשים צדקניות to make our collective bitterness, sweet as well. לגאולה שלמה במהרה בימינו.

  15. Giten moed.. I will never forget your beautiful son Mier with his beautiful big smile !!!!his neshuma should have an aliya .. hopefully we will all be united shortly with the coming of moshiach !!!!

  16. Meir left an imprint and you are continuing to make a mark imparting the messages of kindness. Your Meir should have an aliyah and you should find comfort. My heart is with you. You have created a platform where we can share our pain and triumph in a dignified way. So much compassion pours through the messages as each of us grows on our journey. I truly believe we are making our world brighter in merit of our children as we remember their impact in this world. May you continue to remember and feel the warmth of mothers joined together to bring the Geulah with Moshiach Now!

  17. Miriam you should have a nechama through every thing that you do for others, your work is incredible. May Meirs neshama have an aliya and moshiach should come now and we will be united with our precious family

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