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Lieba Joran’s 1st Yarzeit


Shabbos, 28 Sivan, is the first yarzeit of Lieba a”h, beloved child of Yisroela and Abba David Joran.

Please do a mitzvah for the zechus of Lieba a”h bas Abba David.

Li was a kind, sensitive, generous person who loved to learn; wanted to–and did–help others; and wants us to make this world a better, kinder place.

Li should be a meilitz yashar for us as we elevate the neshama as we make this world a true dira b’tachtonim to usher in the geula sheleima bekarov mamash.


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  1. Sending love and giving the benefit of the doubt to our son’s this shabbat in Li’s honor for an aliyah with love for her perfect Neshama.

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