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Devora and Aliza Levenberg’s 14th Yarzeit


Thursday, 30 Adar I, Rosh Chodesh Adar Sheini, is the 14th yarzeit of Devora Levenberg and her daughter Aliza, beloved daughter and granddaughter of Rivie and Yisroel Adelman.

Please do a mitzvah in the zechus of Devora a”h bas Yisroel Melech and Aliza a”h bas Moshe Chaim Halevi.


Here is Rivie’s letter to her daughter, Devora:

My Dearest Devorale,

Hashem took you, my only daughter and Aliza, my first grandchild, in a car accident on ר”ח אדר ב. You were only 23 and Aliza 15 months old.

As a child your sunny, giddy, fun spirited, happy personality and sparkling smile brightened everyone’s day. You would wave to everyone and if they didn’t wave back, you would scream “Hi” and no matter what mood they were in, they always walked away smiling.

No one can remember you without a smile!

As you grew up, your unrelenting strength, resilience and determination got you through your school years with 2 learning disabilities. You refused to have the challenges put you down, on the contrary, you never gave up and always climbed higher and higher, Remaining undefeated!

As a daughter, a mother could not dream of a better daughter. We had ONE disagreement and it was my fault. When asked, I couldn’t help my friends with their daughter issues, I didn’t have any! You would know what I needed help with before I even said a word. You were all your brother’s 2nd mother. You had so many talents, too many to enumerate. I was living with a Malach!!

You used your talents to shine,
And took every difficulty in stride.
You saw the world with Rose glasses and helped many to see the world as beautiful. Your solid hashkafos
Made complicated things simple.

You were always accepting of everyone. Anyone could talk to you about anything and feel safe, you wouldn’t judge, you had an incredible koach of making problems seem trivial and never worried about the small stuff, you were a role model of relaxed and happy. You made others feel special, always working to lift the spirits of those around you. Everyone felt they were your best friend. You never had a bad word about anyone. You reached out to everyone and they felt like they were the only person in the world.

If something didn’t seem right with someone, you would quietly go over to help, your sincere concern was felt by all. You would give people chizuk to get through tough times. You had a gift of connecting with people on a deep level and the intuition of knowing when someone needed a hug and you gave the best hugs. You would put yourself in someone’s shoes and see what they lacked and then fulfill it without fanfare. You were an expert in relationships and your אהבת ישראל was legendary.

Chessed came naturally to you, it pumped in your veins. You would make others feel it was your greatest pleasure to help them, you would let people think they were doing YOU a favor. You had guests at every Shabbos meal and you were always completely relaxed and ready way before Shabbos. You were a true Eyshes Chayil, your home always clean and put together and welcoming. You were so loving and warm to your husband, hatzaddik.

You were a fantastic mother with endless patience. Aliza was full of chein, reflecting the constant love and devotion you gave to her. Everyone said she had an “angelic neshama”.
הנאהבים ונעימים בחייהם ובמותם לא נפרדו

עבדו את ה’ בשמחה
That was your Motto!
Frum and Ehrlich with Stirling midos.
לב טהור ברא לי אלוקים
Your neshama was so pure

HALEVAY I should reach my potential that you accomplished in your short life.

My Nechama is that I was zoche to be your mother, even for a short time.

Devora will continue to live on with the midos she inspired in everyone.

I miss you terribly


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2 Responses

  1. I clicked to give you words if comfort but after reading your description of your wonderful daughter I feel like I have been comforted.
    something about her shining face went straight to my heart and that was only from a photo!
    she will certainly be one of the first to come back with the resurrection which is due do start any day now!
    may Hashem give you strength until that moment

  2. As a mom that suffered loss, I was so deeply moved. Her smile attests to it. She just had it all! Hashem gave you a beautiful soul and took her back unblemished. Her picture depicts a perfect person as you so eloquently wrote. Oh those smiles! She was gorgeous! And that baby! May Hashem comfort you. There’s nothing left for me to say. I dont know you but Hashem does and feels your pain. May He send Mashiach and then we all get to benefit and hug our child again.
    You touched the recesses of my ❤️.
    Please accept the hugs of a mother that will never understand your loss.

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