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Chavie Stein’s 13th Yarzeit


Shabbos, 1 Nissan, Rosh Chodesh, is the 13th yarzeit of Chavie Stein a”h, beloved daughter of Elisheva and Boruch Stein.

Please do a mitzvah in the zechus of Chava Yehudit a”h bas Baruch Ephraim.



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3 Responses

  1. oy
    my heart just melts looking at her picture!
    so precious..
    may hashem comfort you !
    may we be reunited soon!

    1. thank you! she was truly delicious. I just miss her, still after 13 years. may hashem grant us all.a nechama.

  2. She looks so cute and precious! Hashem should give you nechama!!
    Waiting for Mashiach! We should be reunited very soon!!

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