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Berele Wertheimer’s 3rd Yarzeit


Wednesday, 3 Shvat, is the 3rd yarzeit of Berele a”h, beloved son of Frady and Shia Wertheimer.

Please do a mitzvah for the zechus of Dov Yehudah a”h ben Yehoshua Shmuel.


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4 Responses

  1. oy what a precious child
    you must miss him deeply..
    may Hashem grant you a measure of comfort
    and may his neshomo have an aliya

  2. Berele
    Ben Freida may your neshomah have
    an Aliyah.
    May your parents have the strength to find Shalom.

  3. Berele z”l a real cutie pie.
    In the zechus of the tehillim I am saying and tzeddaka I am giving for your sake, you should have an aliyas neshama and please be a meilitz yashar for Klal Yisroel. We desperately need Moshiach.

  4. Oh Berela is just so adorable!
    May Hashem give you much nechama and may you be reunited once again soon!

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