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Baila Faigy Katz’s 16th Yarzeit


Thursday, 12 Sivan is the 16th yarzeit of Baila Faigy Katz a”h, beloved oldest daughter of Chana Sosi and Moshe Dovid Katz.

Please do a mitzvah for the zechus of בילא פיגא ע”ה בת ר׳ משה דוד הכהן

Baila Faigy was not the typical teenager. Wise beyond her years, she charmed her friends and medical staff alike. With her incredible charisma, she was always the bell of the ball. Wherever she was, you knew there was fun and laughter.
Baila Faigy possessed a heart of gold, always thinking of her peers that lacked social interaction. She had no jealous bone; a rarity at her young age. With her refined demeanor, classy disposition she skillfully managed to always create a positive atmosphere. She kept her medical staff on their toes with her razor sharp responses. As her head nurse wrote: “Baila was a smart funny young lady with the courage of someone twice her age.” She nailed it.
Baila Faigy was the oldest child always taking charge of her younger siblings. A special daughter and a wonderful sister who is being missed and remembered fondly.
Baila Faigy, it’s been sixteen years but we still miss you terribly.


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2 Responses

  1. Leili nishmas my once upon dearest and youngest friend…Baila Faigy U”H
    She will forever have a special place in my heart!!
    And to the one and only Chane Sossi….who keeps her memory so alive…..with her gifted pen!
    We should be zoiche to moshiach shoin shoin!!

  2. Chana Sossy, here’s my hug. She will always be your princess to love and remember. May she bring Moshiach soon!!!

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