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Baila Faigy Katz’s 15th Yarzeit


Shabbos, 12 Sivan is the 15th yarzeit of Baila Faigy Katz a”h, beloved oldest daughter of Chana Sosi and Moshe Dovid Katz.

Please do a mitzvah for the zechus of בילא פיגא ע”ה בת ר׳ משה דוד הכהן


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5 Responses

  1. I will iyh light 10 min earlier
    Say tehilim
    And my husband will say her name in his shil by tehilim
    May her parents get to have a Nechama
    Her neshuma should have an aliya

  2. In Honor Of My Dear Friend Chane Sossi,

    The only thing I can say on baili faigy yartzeit day…..is …..it has been 15 years now that you turned your grief into strength…..ur pain into gain…. and your eminuah and bitochen carried over to others! Chane sossi dear…your beautiful and heartfelt pen to paper has reached not only bereaved moms ……but every Yiddish Neshama that can always use a little chizuk!!! This certainly is the nicest aliyah that Baile faigy a”h can attain by such an exemplary mom!!!! P.s. and how I miss those days with baila faigy. What an Ehrlich…. brilliant ….young teenager she was….way beyond her years…..I’m sure she’s in the nicest place reserved for neshamos like her!!! Git shabbos Faigy

  3. And since my ur only reading this. Mazel tov again. What a beautiful Simcha. Enjoy the shabbos. What a combo shabbos. Oh myyyyyy. ….tzinding a lecht now for my grandma faige fradel bas chaim dov. Samar rebetzin alte faige bas avigdor…..and my youngest friend Baile faigy bas moshe David hakohen. Leila nishmas to all. Git shabbos

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