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Avrumele Lichtenstein’s 7th Yarzeit


Shabbos, Rosh Chodesh, 1 Iyar, is the 7th yarzeit of Avrumele a”h, beloved son of Rhoda and Nathan Lichtenstein.

Please do a mitzvah for the zechus of Avrohom a”h ben Yehoshua Nussan Mordechai.




Today is the day dedicated to remembering you.

But I remember you every day.

I remember your smile,
You had one for everyone you met
No matter how you were struggling inside

I remember your kindness
Inclusive of everyone
No matter their disabilities, orientation, or viewpoints

I remember your playfulness
Getting down and playing with my boys making everlasting memories

I remember your humor
A punch line at the ready
For every situation

I remember your strength
Fighting your internal battles
Wanting to do the right thing

I remember you ❤



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  1. May Avrumela’s neshama have an aliya, and he should be a melitz yosher for your family. I remember Avrumela so fondly. He always went out of his way to greet me and my children with a huge smile and a kind word.. this may seem like a small thing, but really it was so special. I remember my mom ah gave him rides every so often, and she would come home and comment to me, that is one very sweet, kind young man.. may we all be reunited with our loved ones bkarov.

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