Day By Day Poem by GSW

Day By Day

by GSW


You may have an inspirational tale

You may want to take me to town

You may want to help me your way

When I’m feeling down



Today I am in pain

I just want to cry

Today I’m inspirational

So tell me why

Today I feel guilty

So please let me vent

Today I’m unsure

So give a compliment

Today I want to do nothing

Because I feel down

Today I feel better

Let’s take a walk to town

Today I need to talk

So listen carefully

Today I want

To be left alone

So pardon me

For ignoring the phone


I know I am unpredictable

As I try to heal

It’s hard for you to figure out

Just when and how I feel

Know that while I suffer

It’s about me, not you…

Please be a good friend

Someone who picks up the cue.


This poem was printed in Our Tapestry #30, Summer 5781.

Inadvertently, the end of the poem was left out. This is the complete version.

One Response

  1. A insightful accurate poem on everyone who has lost a loved one.
    Beautifully explained.
    Well done..
    It’s so close to how I feel.
    Thank you

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